Tennessee Antiquarian
Booksellers' Association

2015 Tennessee Antiquarian Book Fair


Sewanee Inn

Sewanee, Tennessee

40 Dealer Booths


Saturday, July 18:  10am - 5pm

Sunday, July 19:  11am - 4pm


General Admission:  $10.00 








For more information contact: info@tennaba.org

Tennessee Antiquarian Booksellers' Association

2014 Acting President:

Joel Tomlin

Landmark Booksellers

114 East Main Street

Franklin, Tennessee 37064




Now in our fifth year, the 2015 Tennessee Antiquarian Book Fair will be held July 18-19 at the new Sewanee Inn on the campus of the University of the South in Sewanee. Booksellers from more than half the states east of the Mississippi River and at least one foreign country will exhibit at this year’s fair. Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Kansas, and Florida are just some of the states represented by participating booksellers (See list below). We are happy to be back on campus this year and look forward to a great weekend of good books and good friends!


The fair will include a variety of collectible and rare books, autographed documents, and other ephemera. Bibliophiles will discover modern first editions of literature, mystery, and science fiction. Collectible books and documents concerning the War Between the States, the American Revolution, and both World Wars will be available. Dealers specializing in children’s literature, art, religion, fine bindings, and books about books will also be exhibiting at the fair. Book prices ranging from $10 to $50,000 are sure to pique the interest of the leisure reader as well as the most avid collector.



The University of the South was founded in 1857 and is also famous for the Sewanee Review which is the oldest continuously published literary quarterly in America. Published by the university since 1892, it has never missed an issue!




Bookworm and Silverfish - Jim Presgraves
Billy S. Arant, Jr.
Lighthouse Books- Michael Slicker
Tennessee Books and Autographs - George E. Webb, Jr.
David McCord
Kenneth Mallory, Bookseller, ABAA
Smythe Books LLC, ABAA - Jim Strawn and Judy Strawn
Landmark Booksellers - Joel Tomlin and Carol Tomlin
The Book Adventure - David Brown
Susan Davis, Bookseller
The Ridge Books - Bob and Lee Linn
First Folio, ABAA - Dennis Melhouse and Dennis Hatman
Yeoman's In the Fork - Mike Cotter and Greg Snider
Owlsnest Books - Ben Earnest and Kay Earnest
Old South Books - Larry Wandling
The Book Brake - Tom McGee
Big Spring Books - Penn and Angi Dilworth
Underground Books - Josh Niesse and Megan Bell
Shambrola Books - Mike and Deb Shambro
Thomas Dorn, Bookseller, ABAA
Old New York Bookship, ABAA - Cliff Graubart
Tammerlane Books - Jack and Betty Freas
Out of the Way Books - Mike Gajda
All Booked Up - Richard Young
Whyland Books - John and Lisa Whyland